Changes to Landlord / Tenant Accounts

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Dear Property Owner,

The City recently amended its utility services code, including a change to section 9-1-010 regarding off-site owners.  Under the amended code, the record owner of the property served by the City water system must appear as the primary applicant for water connection and services.  The account will remain in the name of the property owner, with any tenants being listed as co-signers during their tenancy. Farmington City does not prorate monthly billing for tenants who move in or out mid-month.  The account number will not change as tenants change.  Renters who were established prior to this change will continue to be billed under their current account number.  The change will pertain to any new tenants after August 2023.

Owners of property that rent, lease or otherwise give the property over to the tenancy of another are responsible for water services and other utilities furnished to the property by the City, including all fees and charges incurred by a renter, lessee or occupant. And the property owner is required to notify the City of termination or change in ownership of the property.

If you have arranged with a tenant or other occupant to pay directly for utility services with the City, they can be added to your utility account as a cosigner by having them complete a utility application on the City’s website.  This will allow a utility bill to be sent to both the landlord and the tenant. Otherwise, only you will receive the bill.  Once a tenant has vacated the property, they must submit a disconnect form to be removed as cosigner.

Final bills will not be generated for tenants who vacate the property.  The balance due on the account will remain in the name of the property owner. If you are no longer the property owner of address above, please complete a disconnect form found on the City’s website.

Thank you,

Farmington City Utilities