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Length: 1.8 miles          Time: 2 hours
Difficulty: Moderate      Elevation Gain: 1166 feet

11.1 Farmington Creek Icons

Description: This is the easternmost section of the Farmington Creek Trail. This is a very popular trail up the main canyon out of Farmington, and it is suitable for all types of non-motorized travel. The trail is wide and smooth enough for jogging and provides a pleasant excursion for those enjoying a healthy walk. The trail affords wonderful views of this narrow and scenic canyon. Halfway up the canyon, the top of the trail reaches Sunset Campground. The most dramatic waterfall east of Farmington is just below the Sunset Campground area. Be careful while enjoying this beautiful waterfall.

Access Locations:
Access #1 - Sunset Campground: The trail starts down the mountain from Sunset Campground halfway up Farmington Canyon. From the center of town, go north on 100 E. then up the canyon about five miles. Drive into the Sunset Campground area and go to the far west end where the trail starts at the middle of the loop road.

Access #2 - Farmington Canyon Trailhead with Parking: Access Farmington Canyon by driving north from the center of town on 100 E. then up the canyon. There is a small parking lot at the switchback where the pavement ends. Hike east up the canyon from here.

  • Your hike will parallel Farmington Creek in a scenic canyon and end at Sunset Campground, an improved campsite.
  • Below Sunset Campground is a beautiful waterfall.
  • Visit Farmington Cave (POI #11) near the beginning of the trail.
  • The trail is suitable for all types of non-motorized travel.
  • There are many refreshing tree-lined sections on the trail.
  • Find “Bonnie & Clyde’s” bullet-ridden car near the top.

Trail Surface and Status: This trail a wide dirt path. Special thanks goes to the late Rick Robinson for his labor of love in improving this trail.

11.1 Farmington Creek Trail - Upper Canyon Section Map