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Length:  1.9 miles           Time: 1.5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate        Elevation Gain: 476 feet
19 Freedom Hills Trail

Description: The “Diamond Back” section of this trail snakes up the mountain with 17 switchbacks and a gentle grade that is easy to hike. This is an excellent trail to access the Bonneville Shoreline Trail from Freedom Hills Park if you are on foot or mountain bike. If you are on horseback, use the BST Connector Trail (#1.8) that goes north from the horse trailer parking lot. Enjoy the panoramic view of Farmington Bay. The island beyond is Antelope Island, where there are also many more great trails to hike. If you want to do a loop hike, head north on the BST until you reach the trail described in section #1.8. You can return down this trail to the park where you started.

There is also a walking/jogging path that goes around Freedom Hills Park. The park offers picnic areas, a lawn to play on, a playground, and a small waterfall. Enjoy a game of Frisbee, a quick hike up the trail, or a horseback excursion up the mountain.

Access Locations:
Access #1 - Trailhead with Parking: The trailhead is in Freedom Hills Park, which is south of town off 200 East. Reach by going east at Lund Lane (1700 South), then bend left through the Tuscany Cove Subdivision. Take the first right turn onto Park Hills Drive, which passes in front of the park.

Access #2 - BST Junction: From the BST east of Freedom Hills Park, look for the walking trail that switchbacks down the hillside.

  • Access the BST from Freedom Hills Park.
  • The north trail, BST section #1.8, is designed for horseback-riding.
  • This can be part of a fun loop hike.
  • The trail affords a great view of the Great Salt Lake and bay.
  • Enjoy all that Freedom Hills Park has to offer, including picnic areas and  lawn areas for impromptu ball games.

Trail and Surface Status: The trail is in excellent shape with a smooth paved surface in the park and a fine gravel base up the mountain.