Parks Recreation Arts & Trails Advisory Board (PRAT)


Trails Committee 2021 Calendar
January 1/21/21: Trails Committee Meeting
February 2/18/21: Trails Committee Meeting                    *February sponsored hike
March 3/18/21: Trails Committee Meeting                    *March sponsored hike
April 4/15/21: Trails Committee Meeting                    *April sponsored hike     *Arbor Day trail clean up
May 5/20/21: Trails Committee Meeting                    *May sponsored hike  CANCELLED
June 6/17/21: Trails Committee Meeting                    *June sponsored hike (Botanical hike?)
July 7/10/21: Festival Days Parade (if happening)     *7/15/21: Trails Committee Meeting
August 8/19/21: Volunteer Appreciation                        *August sponsored hike
September 9/11/21: Hike to Flag Rock                                  *9/16/21: Trails Committee Meeting
October 10/21/21: Trails Committee Meeting                   *October Spooky Hike
November 11/18/21: Trails Committee Meeting                   *November sponsored hike
December 12/19/21: Christmas party                                  *December sponsored hike

Farmington Trails Committee Meeting Agenda                                                                           

June 17, 2021, 7:00 pm at the city offices, 160 S Main St.

Welcome and Introductions: Brad Macdonald

Excused Absences: Scott Cornford


Minutes Approval: May 2021

Introduce guests or the general public:         Colby Thackery – Parks & Rec


Citizen concerns and Business:


Trail Improvement

Annie Macdonald             Report on recent trail work on Old Aqueduct Trail

Brad Macdonald               Report on the progress of unmapped trails with city GPS

Submission for Lower Farmington Creek Trail to become an NFS system trail

Jon Lowe                             Update on The Farm progress


Committee Business

Natalie Larson                   Festival Days Parade planning

Brad Macdonald               Open Trails Committee position discussion

Signage Design Updates and Assignments

Review Active Transportation Plan for next priorities


Next Meeting – Thursday, July 15, 2021


Trails Meeting Hike Sponsor Hike Details Other Events
January 1/21/21      
February 2/18/21      
March 3/18/21      
April 4/15/21     Arbor day trail cleanup on 4/24
May 5/20/21 Tracy 7am Ford Canyon on 5/8  
Jun 6/17/21 Kenzie 7pm Old Aqueduct  
July 7/15/21 Steve   Festival days parade on 7/10
August 8/19/21 Committee Flag Rock Hike on 9/11  
September 9/16/21 Annie Hornet, ’03 Fire, Flag Rock  
October 10/21/21 Natalie Spooky Hike, TBD  
November 11/18/21 Jon    
December 12/16/21 Brad Snow hike up Farmington canyon  


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City Hall
160 S Main
Farmington, Utah 84025