U.S. 89 Project Update
May 19, 2022
Impacts to U.S. 89
Intermittent daytime lane closures during off-peak hours can be expected in either direction on U.S. 89 throughout the project duration while crews complete work items like barrier, wall panels and paint restriping.
U.S. 89 Southbound Off-ramp to Main Street Closure
Beginning Sunday, May 22 at 8 am until Wednesday, May 25 at noon, the southbound off-ramp from U.S. 89 to Main Street will be closed while crews complete retaining wall and ramp reconstruction.
During this time drivers can use the 400 North interchange in Fruit Heights or the Shepard Lane interchange in Farmington as alternate routes to Main Street. See map below.
the southbound offramp to main street is closed
New Southbound Off-Ramp/Lloyd Road Configuration
Lloyd Road remains closed at Main Street until approximately May 27. When Lloyd Road reopens to traffic the access between Lloyd Road and Main Street will have changed to improve traffic flow and safety near the highway ramps. Key movements are highlighted below and detailed in the animation:
  • Drivers exiting southbound U.S. 89 and southbound Lloyd Road traffic will merge at the ramp to access the traffic signal.
  • Drivers accessing northbound Lloyd Road and/or the Cherry Hill Resort northeast parking lot will pass the signal on Main Street before turning right onto Lloyd Road.
US 89 Lloyd Road Map
Antelope Drive Area
The Antelope Drive bridge deck pour will be rescheduled when concrete availability is confirmed.
Today, May 19 crews plan to shift the southbound lanes of U.S. 89 between Antelope Drive and Cherry Lane east onto newly constructed pavement so that crews can begin building the permanent southbound lanes in their final location.
Expect daytime lane closures through Sunday. Drivers should be prepared for a new traffic configuration.
Northbound U.S. 89 Over the Weber River
At the far northern end of the project, work is moving forward to replace the support beams and driving surfaces on the two bridges over the Weber River. In order to keep all lanes open in both directions while we do this work, our project team has rented a temporary steel bridge that has been assembled on-site and then pushed into place over the river.
Crews plan to shift northbound traffic onto this bridge as early as May 26, with a southbound shift planned after the Memorial Day holiday. Drivers should be prepared for a new traffic configuration in the area
The temporary bridge is 210 feet long, 45 feet wide and weighs approximately 500,000 lbs. It will be in place until late fall, when traffic is scheduled to shift back onto the permanent US-89 bridges. This same bridge has been recently used on another UDOT project that replaced two I-80 bridges west of the SR-201 interchange near Saltair. In addition to providing temporary detours during construction, these bridges are also used to restore critical routes during emergencies (like floods or hurricanes), and by military forces – some models are sturdy enough to accommodate tanks and other armored vehicles.
U.S. 89/Interstate 84 Environmental Study Now Underway
An environmental study is kicking off to evaluate options for rebuilding the I-84/U.S. 89 interchange. More information about that project is available here:
Hotline: 385-365-1616
Upcoming Local Impacts
East Frontage Road, Adams Canyon to North Village Drive:
Paving on the east frontage road is anticipated in this area before Memorial Day. Area residents can anticipate an increase in construction activity, noise and vibration during this work.
One-way traffic operations are now in place while crews work alongside the roadway. Please pay attention to the traffic signal in place and wait for your turn to proceed through the one-way section.
South Village Drive Closure:
In early June, South Village Drive will be closed while crews work to complete construction activities in the intersection with the frontage road. Area residents will use North Village Drive as an alternative route.
Ongoing Local Impacts
Over the winter, concrete supplies were more readily available, but this and other projects around the state are now seeing a return of limited concrete supplies. This region-wide concrete shortage continues to impact our efforts to build bridges, barrier, sidewalk, curb, gutter and other project features.
The project priority remains on completing bridges and structures associated with the mainline of U.S. 89. When available, concrete will be directed to bridges and structures, then highway barrier and curb and gutter, which is needed for asphalt paving.
We know that the reduced concrete supply has left some project neighbors without driveway approaches and sidewalk for some time. These areas were a focused priority while the concrete supply was more readily available. The project continues to coordinate with local suppliers to access the concrete needed to complete the project on time in fall 2023. We appreciate your continued patience.
If you have a concern or question about your specific driveway, please contact the public involvement team at the project hotline 888-752-8789 or US89@utah.gov.
Nicholls Road:
Crews are building a crossing under U.S. 89 at Baer Creek, with work on the east side of U.S. 89. Crews also continue installing retaining walls along U.S. 89 near Nicholls Road. Area residents may feel an increase in vibration or notice more activity and noise along the eastern work zone in this area through spring while the walls are constructed.
Crestwood Road:
The west frontage road is closed to traffic between Mutton Hollow Road and Pinewood Lane. Local traffic access will be maintained to homes on the west frontage road between Crestwood Road and Elias Road.
Gentile Street Closed between Woodridge Drive, Gordon Avenue and Valley View Golf Course:
Gentile Street is now closed between the east side of the Valley View Golf Course, Gordon Avenue and the intersection with Woodridge Drive through early June while crews complete work activities.
Local traffic should use the Gordon Avenue or Oak Hills Drive interchanges as alternate accesses. Please do not drive into the work zone.
Area residents should be prepared for possible additional noise, activity and vibration.
*Dates are subject to change due to weather, equipment availability or other circumstances.*
If you have questions or would like to speak to a member of the project team,
please contact us at the information below:
888-752-US89 (8789) | www.udot.utah.gov/US89 | US89@utah.gov