CodeRED Emergency Communications Network

In 2015, Syracuse City had an incident where a contractor connected a secondary water line to a culinary water line, allowing contaminated and unfiltered water to be pumped into residents' homes. There was a major effort made on the part of the city to notify the public of the hazard, but it took dozens of volunteers and employees hours through the night to get the word out to not drink the water. One of the most recent incidents happened in Sandy where a fluoride leak made problems in the culinary water system. When the municipality tried to contact the public to notify them of the situation, many of the citizens' phone numbers for emergency contact information were landlines that had been disconnected years ago.

Be Prepared! Just as with any other component of a family’s comprehensive emergency preparedness plan, make sure first responders have the ability to contact you in cases of emergency. Our primary objective as your local government officials is to maintain the health, safety, and well-being of the community. When a problem arises, help us get the information to you as quickly as possible to keep you and your family safe. The Davis County Sheriff’s office has contracted with the Emergency Communications Network to license the CodeRED high-speed notification system. CodeRED is an emergency notification service that allows the sheriff’s office and municipal personnel to notify the public by telephone, cell phone, text message, email, and social media regarding time-sensitive emergency notifications. This emergency service is to notify citizens of things like missing persons, hazardous materials releases, boil water advisories, evacuations, etc. Simply scan this QR code on your mobile device to enter your information in the system. Sign-up is easy and takes only moments to do:

You can also register by going to:

Accidents and emergency situations happen. Help us help you to be prepared.