Anyone operating or conducting business in the City of Farmington must obtain a City Business License.

General/Commercial: The General/Commercial Business License is for any business operating in a commercial area.

Small General/Commercial License is $125 per year (under 10,000 sq. ft. including outdoor sales area)

Medium Commercial License is $200 per year (10,000 to 40,000 sq. ft. including outdoor sales area)

Large Commercial License is $300 per year (over 40,000 sq. ft. including outdoor sales area)


Home Preschool/Daycare: The Home Preschool/Daycare Occupation License is designed for daycares and preschools being operated from the home, or any other home business that requires an annual inspection. Home Preschool/Daycare Occupation License is $75 per year.


Requested Home Business: Requested Home Business defined as any home business owner requesting a certificate of license. NOTE: Home Businesses are no longer required to have a License per SB81. However, a Requested Home Business License Certificate is available for $20, if needed. The City will not send out renewal reminders for these licenses, they will expire 1 year after issuance as noted on your license.


Applications can be submitted online by clicking on the appropriate link below. Please see "Step 2" for payment (green box). If mailing: complete and send the application along with the fee to Farmington City, P. O. Box 160, for processing. Call Carly Rowe 801-939-9215 for additional information.


All licenses EXPIRE December 31, with the exception of solicitor licenses, temporary and requested home business licenses.


*Beginning July 1st of each year the fee for the Home Preschool/Daycare Occupation license is reduced 50% to $37.50 and the Small, Medium and Large Commercial Licenses are also reduced 50% to $62.50, $100.00, $150.00 respectively*

State Registration Information:
Your business must be registered with the State of Utah. Please email a copy of this to when applying for the license. Utah business registration can be done at 

Existing Businesses:

(If there is a "CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP" please apply for a New Business License Application)

Renewals: The account number is your license number listed on your physical license. You may have to create a new account to pay online if you have not done so before.

Please fill out the link below if you are no longer in business within the City.

Additional Licenses/Info

For an overview of business services provided by the Utah Department of Workforce Services:

Need information on Doing Business in Utah

If you are a MOBILE FOOD TRUCK from another city, please fill out our Mobile business license application and submit online. There is no fee, just email your current cities business license, health inspection & fire inspection to

Door to door salesmen, or solicitors, must have a "Solicitors License" in order to sell door to door.
The fee for a solicitor license is $75 plus $20 per solicitor.
Each applicant must submit an application along with proof of identification, proof of registration with the Utah State Department of Commerce (if selling alarm systems), BCI background check and a digital photograph taken within the last year, which can all be emailed to *one email per applicant please*
Solicitors MUST wear their badge at them at all times, per Ordinance 6-4-030: SOLICITORS in the Municipal Code.

Beer Retailer "Restaurant" License
Print checklist & application, complete and email along with a copy of the DABC's completed application & Local Consent to

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City Hall
160 S Main
Farmington, Utah 84025

Mail fee & app:
Farmington City
P. O. Box 160
Farmington, UT 84025

Carly Rowe