Farmington City

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The Good Life

We want residents to know living in Farmington will help them achieve the dream of a happy life. Farmington offers a comfortable, good life—safety, natural beauty, modern innovations and upkeep, fun shopping and dining, engaging community events, family-friendliness and neighborly kindness, access to natural resources, and a relaxed, low-stress lifestyle.

How We Live it

Kind words from our residents

“We’ve lived here ever since we moved to America. The people are wonderful and so welcoming. Everything is available and nearby, the neighborhoods are serene and clean with no complaints.”

Farmington City Seal Gray

Farmington City Resident

“Farmington is a great place for good people who care about one another and value the beauty and peace that surrounds us. Most take care to beautify their surroundings and look out for one another.”

Farmington City Seal Gray

Farmington City Resident

“Farmington is such a safe place to live and still has a small community feel. I was born and raised in Utah and feel like we made the best decision to build our dream home in Farmington over 10 years ago.”

Farmington City Seal Gray

Farmington City Resident
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City Hall

160 S Main Street
Farmington, Utah


Mon-Thurs: 8am – 5pm
Fri: 8am – 12pm
Sat-Sun: Closed

Via Mail

PO Box 160
Farmington, Utah

Via Phone

Tel: 801-451-2383
Fax: 801-451-2747