Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

Privacy Policy & Terms of Service

Please read carefully the following. These terms of use for the Farmington City website, and social media pages (together herein called “City Web Pages”) of Farmington City, a Utah municipal corporation (herein sometimes called the “City”), and a primary source of information about the City, its operations, programs, government, businesses and opportunities.

By these websites, you agree to these terms. If you are not willing to comply with these terms of use, then please do not use these websites. The terms of use grant you a license to use the City Web Pages, but do not transfer to you any title. Your violation of these terms may terminate your license to use the City Web Pages by Farmington City at any time. Promptly upon termination of the license to use the City Web Pages you are required to destroy any downloaded materials you have in whatever form they may be in. You may not make copies of, or make commercial use of, transfer, “mirror.” or publicly display the materials you obtain from the City Web Pages. Your use of the City Web Pages is also subject to the terms of use of the host social network, if applicable, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The website provides information to the public to conduct City business, as well as to promote the City’s purposes as set by the City Council and Mayor. The City’s Web Pages are intended to make useful information available to residents, businesses, and other visitors to the sites. The City’s website is not intended to serve as a forum for discussion. There are, however, discussion boards on the City’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media pages where the public may post comments and other information consistent with these Terms of Use and the rules and agreement of the social network which owns the social website.

By using the City’s website and the City’s pages on social networks, such as but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you agree to follow all federal, Utah State, and local laws applicable to your use of the City Web Pages. You may not place information on the City website or change information on it without prior written approval from the City’s authorized representatives. You agree that any claims or lawsuits arising from the use of the City Web Pages shall be governed by Utah law, and any lawsuit arising in connection with this the City Web Pages shall be brought only in the federal or Utah State courts located in Salt Lake County, Utah, without respect to its conflicts of laws provisions.

ADA (Americans with Disabilities)
Farmington City strives to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Reasonable accommodations, including equal access to communications, will be provided upon request. Requests for a reasonable accommodation in respect to equal access to communications should be directed to the City at 801-451-2383

The City monitors network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information or to otherwise cause damage to this site. Users of the City website consent to such monitoring. We take security measures to protect unauthorized access, alteration or destruction of data contained on the website.

Farmington City has made substantial efforts to provide accurate and up-to-date information on its the City Web Pages, however, the City does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided therein, including that which originates from third parties, and you agree to hold Farmington City, its officers, employees, contractors and agents harmless from any claims, damages, loss and lawsuits for reliance on or use of this information. Inaccurate information may be due to unauthorized modification of the data, transmission errors, HTML browser incompatibilities, human error, changes made since the last update to the website, or malware, hacking by an outside person, or other risks of electronic communication, many of which are beyond the City’s reasonable control. Although we guard against such things, the City makes no warranty that the City Web Pages are free of viruses of other malware.

Information presented on the City Web Pages is collected, maintained, and provided for the convenience of the City’s citizens, businesses, and other readers. The City Communications Department tries to respond to inquiries on City Web Pages with relevant and accurate information, the responses given may be revised by a City department or official with more accurate information. You acknowledge the risk of receiving inaccurate information, particularly from an initial request to through the City Web Pages. You may get more accurate information about City functions, practices and activities by directly contacting the City department responsible for the matter of your concern.

You agree by your use of the City Web Pages that under no circumstances shall Farmington be liable for any claims, losses, actions or omissions you or others make in reliance on any information contained herein (or which may be missing from this website), from whatever source, nor shall the City be liable for any other consequences from any such reliance.

We do not collect personal information about you when you visit our website unless you choose to provide that information to us in ways which are clearly understandable, such as by using as automated bill pay, sports and recreation, business licensing, job applications, career portal, and the like.

We collect limited non-personally identifying information your browser makes available automatically whenever you visit a website. This information includes the following information:

  • The visitor’s IP (Internet Protocol) address
  • Domain name if applicable
  • Date and time of access
  • The Internet browser used (such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari, Microsoft Edge)
  • Computer/device type
  • Referring web page (the last webpage you visited before clicking on a link to our site)
  • And which of our web pages and our website content the visitor interacts with
  • The website does not attempt to gain personally identifiable information on individual users and associate them with IP addresses.

DATA Sharing and Communication
We may also collect personally identifiable information on web pages where citizens and other visitors seek information or specialized City services. The City takes reasonable steps to prevent hackers and others from accessing or obtaining this data, and to allow opportunity to individuals to correct information about themselves, but we can’t guarantee that the information will not be disclosed or released in some manner. Access to personally identifiable information in public records of cities in Utah is controlled primarily by the Utah open records law, which is called the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), Utah Code Section 63G-2-101 and following sections, which sets the terms of public access to government-held records, and provides protections of information and records about individuals. GRAMA balances the need to keep private information from disclosure against the need for the public to know such information. Certain individual information has been classified as private under GRAMA, such as home address, home phone, personal cell phone numbers, Social Security numbers, drivers’ license numbers and dates of birth in most but not all situations, individual financial and medical information, and similar personally identifying information. GRAMA provides that in some situations where the public’s need to know outweighs the privacy interest, private information may be disclosed to a person making a request, and such private information about an individual could be made public.

Some of our online services require you to register for an account. We ask you for some personal information in order to create an account (typically your name, email address and a password for your account), and we use that information to provide service. For certain services, such as our online payment system, we may request credit card or other payment information which may be stored temporarily in encrypted form on secure servers.

We do not sell or share individually identifiable citizen information to external entities for the purpose of external marketing or promotion except as required by law or court order, unless otherwise stated at appropriate parts of our website. However, such data and contact information may be shared interdepartmentally within Farmington City and with third-party agents with which the City has contracted to perform City services for it, in which cases we take reasonable efforts to protect the data from use contrary to this privacy statement.

By providing your contact information to us through this website or otherwise, be aware that the City uses emails, and may use other contact information to communicate with residents, businesses, and others in our database of contacts during emergencies, as explained below. Some of the emails you receive from us may not be applicable to your circumstances, as we may send an email about a neighborhood or issue not relevant to you.

To reach any City department or City personnel, visit the Farmington City website, our official website, or call 801-451-2383.

Data Sharing and Communication
The City may revise the terms of use and other policies on the City Web Pages from time to time, including those on privacy. We expect most such changes to be minor, but we will post those changes as they occur.

Emergency Communications
In an emergency, all contact information of Farmington City businesses, its residents, and others who have shared their contact information with us available in Farmington City databases, including contact information gathered from the City Web Pages, may be utilized by Farmington City Communications and emergency services for crisis communication, alerts, emergency announcements and updates. As used here, the term “emergency” means an event which poses a significant risk to human or other valued life, health, safety or property which is unexpected and for which adequate provision has not been made that requires immediate City action and public notification. In such events we may prioritize public health, safety and welfare over the risk of offense, interruption, or disturbance, and may incidentally communicate with those who live outside the area affected. In lieu of sending non-essential complaints or other communications to Farmington City during an emergency, we recommend using the various methods available to mute, designate as spam, delete or otherwise ignore emergency communications which aren’t relevant to you.

Posts to City Web pages:
All editorial and creative assets on this website are protected by United States and international copyright laws. Farmington City reserves all rights to the content of this website. If you wish to use content from here, please contact the Webmaster and obtain written permission before doing so; such permission may be denied for any reason. Some of the computer code used to create the City website was created by a private company but the Code and the content of those pages, along with the City-created content of the City’s social media pages is owned or licensed to the City, none of which may be used without prior written permission from an authorized representative of the City.

Website Security:
Farmington City does not necessarily endorse, support, sanction, encourage, verify or agree with the comments, opinions, or statements posted on the City Web Pages by others than City officials and employees authorized to create content for the City Web Pages. Any such information or material placed online, including advice and opinions, are the views and responsibility of those making the comments, and do not necessarily represent the views of Farmington City or its third-party service providers. By submitting a comment for posting, you agree that Farmington City and its third-party service providers are not responsible, and shall have no liability to you with respect to any information or materials posted by others, including defamatory, offensive or illicit material, even material that violates this Agreement. Farmington City reserves the right, but undertakes no duty, to review, edit, move or delete any material submitted by third persons for display or placed on the City Web Pages in its sole discretion, without notice.

Please do not post any of the following items on this Website:

  • Messages or statements on issues that are time-sensitive or requests for emergency or other City services;
  • Comments or testimonies intended to be considered for public purposes such as for a project or program normally considered in a public hearing process. These comments should be directed to the appropriate agency or City department;
  • Comments that are extremely uncivil, retaliatory, swear words, abusive, or which contain personal attacks;
  • Any forms of communication which are scatological, which contain sexually explicit material, nudity, or which violate the privacy or legal rights of individuals, or which violate the law;
  • Pseudonyms, avatar names, pictures or comments that misrepresent or assume false identity, character or background, including content that promotes, fosters or perpetuates hatred of, encourages illegal acts against, or discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, marital status, status in regard to public assistance, national origin, physical or mental disability, gender identity or sexual orientation;
  • Comments which contain sexually explicit or suggestive terms in violation of community standards and applicable law;
  • Comments that include personally identifiable information other than the user’s or another individual’s name, such as home address, phone number, social security number or other private, protected, or sensitive information;
  • Comments which endorse or disparage electoral candidates for public campaign purposes;
  • Comments that are not related to the specific topic of the Facebook page;
  • Comments that illegally encourage the violation of federal, Utah State law, or Farmington City ordinances;
  • Comments which are libelous, defame, harass, or threaten individuals contrary to law;
  • Advertisements or comments that sell or solicit the exchange of goods or services other than those of the City, unless expressly allowed by the City; or
  • Copyrighted material owned by a third party.

Comments which violate the foregoing terms may be removed or modified without notice. Users who violate these terms may be blocked and/or reported to the social media website operator. Also, the use of any Farmington City-hosted forum is used at your own risk. While championing proper use of such forums, Farmington City cannot guarantee conformity with the above rules, or that other harm will not occur to the user.