Sign Up or Disconnect Utility Services

LANDLORDS AND TENANTSDue to a change in the municipal code, starting October 1st, all landlords will receive a copy of their tenants bill. Please check the service address on the bill if you have multiple rentals in Farmington City.

Moving forward, all property owners will be listed as the primary applicant for services.

Tenants who moved in after September 1st must use the landlords last name and account number to set up Xpress Bill Pay (online payment) options.

Owners of properties that are used as rentals, must be in the name of the property owner. If the property owner would like a copy of the utility bill to be sent directly to the tenant, please have the tenant fill out an application.  The account will remain in the property owners name, with the tenant listed as a co-signer.  Farmington City will not prorate bills for tenants moving in or out mid month.

Terminating Services – It is the account holder’s responsibility to cancel utility services with Farmington City. Please do not wait for a new owner to move-in and sign-up for services to terminate an old account. Billing will remain the responsibility of the account holder until the month a Disconnect Form is completed.  

New residents and businesses must complete and sign an application for utilities to begin or continue services. Once an application is submitted, your first bill will arrive in the mail the first week of the month following your occupancy date.  Once you have received your first bill you can set up your account at Xpress Bill Pay

All forms can be submitted online, by mail (send to PO Box 160 Farmington, UT 80425) or visiting City Hall at 160 South Main Street, Farmington Utah. 


Farmington City is excited to announce that we will be launching a new and improved utility bill pay service coming in January!

Our new platform will feature a user-friendly portal and more features than before to view and pay bills online. You will be able to schedule payments, set it and forget it with AutoPay, and more. It’s simple, safe, and secure!   Please Note: If you are a Farmington City customer who has their credit card or ACH information saved for payments already, you will need to re-enter this information once our new system is live.

Residential Utility Billing Pricing (1 Month Billing Period):

Rates are reviewed and may be adjusted every fiscal year (July)

  • Water Minimum 0-5,000 gallons: $23.70
    • 5,001 to 10,000:  $3.30 (Unit Price per thousand gallons)
    • 10,001 to 20,000:  $3.60 (Unit Price per thousand gallons)
    • 20,000 & above: $4.00 (Unit Price per thousand gallons)
  • Sewer:  Residential: $28.00 Residential Pumped: $29.50
  • Garbage: $17.80  – Additional Can: $14.50
  • Recycle: $3.60
  • Storm Water Drainage: $8.20
  • Transportation Fee: $3.40

Total basic bill: $84.70 Residential Pumped (sewer): $86.20 (Each customer is billed based on their individual culinary water usage.)

City Hall – Utilities
160 S Main
Farmington, Utah 84025

To report a water leak contact or water pressure issues, contact Public Works (801) 451-2624

If you have a non life-threatening EMERGENCY after business hours please contact dispatch at 801-451-4150.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have a water overage?

Farmington City has an electronic meter system that records the amount of water that your home uses each month.  Your meter is electronically read every month around the 20th and the beginning and ending reading are recorded on your monthly billing statement.  Residential customers are charged a flat rate per month for water services which provides customers with 5,000 gallons of water each month.  Any usage over 5,000 gallons is charged a water overage fee.  Studies completed by the City show the average water usage in Farmington is between 7,000 and 8,000 gallons per month. Billing fluctuates each month depending on how much water is used in your home
Possible reasons for overages: running toilet, water softener recycling frequently, leaking faucet, washing cars, swimming pools, swamp coolers and outdoor watering.

Will a City water leak affect my water usage?

No, you are only charged for water that flows through your meter.

Does the City offer a credit if I’ve had a water leak?

Typically no.  If there are special circumstances, we will review on a case by case basis.

What can I do if my bill is unusually high?

Check over the common causes listed above. This may help to pinpoint the source of the high bill. Contact Public Works at 801-451-2624 to schedule the meter reading to be checked. If the read is found to be accurate, you may need to contact a plumber or other professional to help determine the source of a leak. Property owners are responsible for all private service water lines from the public water main to the residence and for leaks inside the home.

I moved from Farmington, why did I get another bill?

Ensure you have completed the disconnect form above. You will be responsible for all accrued billing until the month the form is received. Bills reflect the prior months services. If you move, you will receive a final bill for the prior month’s services and any additional days you occupied the home in the month service is disconnected. 

I just moved in, when will I receive my first bill?

We bill in arrears for services. If you move in June 1st, you will receive a bill the first week of July for June’s services. This bill will be due the last day of July.

Important Phone Numbers

Rocky Mountain Power: 1-888-221-7070

Questar Gas / Dominion Energy: 1-800-323-5517

Benchland Irrigation: 801-451-2105

Weber Basin Water: 801-771-1677

Central Davis Sewer: 801-451-2190

Utility Bill Assistance

The following are organizations in our area that can assist those who need help paying their utility bills:

Futures Through Training (Home Energy Assistance Target Program for Davis County): 801-394-9774

Modest Needs

United Way of Salt Lake 2-1-1: 888-826-9790

Catholic Community Services of Utah: 801-977-9119

Operation Homefront: 210-659-7756

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Volunteers of America, Utah: 801-363-9414