The Farmington Police Department is made of 2 divisions, Patrol, and Investigations.  They include 26 full-time sworn officers and 3 full-time office staff.


The Patrol or uniformed division of the Farmington Police Department is the largest and most visible to the public. Patrol Officers are the first responders to nearly all calls for police service. They investigate and make a first report of all types of incidents including violent crimes, property crimes, traffic accidents and public assists. Patrol officers are assigned to various different shifts thru-out a 24 hour period. The city is covered by patrol officers 24 hours a day seven days a week, 365 days a year. The patrol officers also specialize in doing crime prevention, preventative patrols and enforcement activities such as speed enforcement, DUI saturation patrols, and special enforcement of our parks and trails.


The investigation’s division has 3 full-time Detectives who work the following:

  • Cases that can’t be resolved in a single Patrol shift
  • Burglaries, Robberies, and other complex crime scenes
  • Sexual assault cases
  • Financial crime cases

The 3 Detectives in this division work Monday through Friday, 7a-5p, but are always available to Patrol due to a shared call-out schedule that covers the city of Farmington 24/7, 365.