Fire Prevention


  • CLICK HERE for Burn Permit
  • Fire works -The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a public display conducted by
    trained professionals. Utah legal aerial fireworks are designed to travel up to 150 feet
    into the air and then explode.
    o Conditions for Discharge
    o Please use extreme caution when using fireworks during the season.
    o If high winds, precipitation, or other adverse weather conditions prevail fireworks discharge should be postponed or discontinued until weather conditions improve.
    o Aerial fireworks shall be placed on a hard level surface outdoors, in a clear and open area prior to ignition.
    o Anyone under the age of 16 shall not handle or operate aerial fireworks.
    o Ignition of aerial fireworks shall be a minimum of 30 feet from any structure or
    vertical obstruction.
    o Where to Discharge Fireworks.
    o Check with your local legislative body for prohibited areas where you live before discharging fireworks.
  • Special Events
    o To request approval for events that would occur outside of the dates specified
    by the State Fire Marshal’s Office, please print and complete this form, and
    submit for approval. SEE FIRE PERMIT FORM
  • Send this application and all required documentation in PDF to for review and approval.
  • Vendors may sell Class C common state approved explosives as follows:
    o Beginning on June 24 and ending on July 25
    o Beginning on December 29 and ending on December 31
    o 2 days before and on Chinese New Year’s Eve

Knox Boxes

  • KNOX BOXES are for fire department quick access and entry to businesses in emergencies.
  • If you need to apply for and purchase a KNOX BOX, click on the link below.
  • Farmington Fire Department uses the 3200 series Knox Box. Follow the instructions on the KNOX BOX website to begin the application process. Enter “Farmington City Fire Department” where it asks for “Department name or city.”

Fire Marshall James Weston
Fire Marshall James Weston

Preparedness Resources

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