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Farmington is a perfectly-situated community
nestled between Ogden and Salt Lake City. The
City has easy access to a wide variety of work
opportunities, community resources, shopping,
and entertainment within half an hour’s commute
while maintaining the small-town charm and
access to the mountains, canyon, hiking and
biking trails, and wetlands. Farmington’s peaceful
pace and proximity to bigger cities means
our residents can enjoy the low-stress life of a
rural community without sacrificing any of the
conveniences of urban living.
As one of the oldest cities in Utah, Farmington
is steeped in history and heritage, and we honor
that history while blending it with smart growth
and modern innovations. Neighbors can meet
one another at community events like Farmington
Festival Days, as well as in times of need.
Farmington has a rich tradition of its citizens
coming together to help one another through
difficulties, and that service is carried forward by
our selfless police and fire departments.
With its safe, family-friendly environment,
close-knit charm, modern conveniences, and
natural beauty, Farmington is where people
want to be.

Perfectly Situated
Farmington gives its residents the best of rural and urban living with its vibrant business
community, access to nature and the outdoors, diverse shopping and entertainment options,
and relaxed, small-town community feel. Residents have access to everything they need—job opportunities, the airport, shopping, and recreation — with the charm and quiet of a tight-knit community:

  • “Farmington checks all the boxes. Small town feel with the wide streets lined in mature trees.
    Unique neighborhoods. A large variety of businesses on the outskirts of the City so the main
    body of the City isn’t burdened with heavy traffic. A large variety of medical services within
    30 minutes or less drive. Decent schools as well as a greater charter school and private
    school option.”
  • “I love the combination of mostly a small town feeling yet having access to everything my
    family needs.”
  • “Proximity to downtown is great. Farmington also has all the amenities we need (shopping,
    dining, entertainment). It has a great small town feel with a great location.”
  • “It’s also perfectly placed in between SLC and Ogden which is great for job opportunities
    without having a commute more than 20 minutes long.”
  • “Tucked against the mountain and nestled between the Great Salt Lake,
    with a great view of both. Not a thoroughfare, but a quaint little town with
    Main and State Streets crossing each other in the center with tree-lined
    streets inviting you in. The crossroads of the west, nestled away from
    busy freeways, noise, congestion, and yet close in access to entertainment
    (Lagoon), shopping (Station Park), and recreation. Mountain trails for
    hiking, biking horseback riding, orchards and mountain streams. A refuge,
    yet the county seat. Hometown traditions, friendly people, community
    pride, less than an hour from snow skiing, water skiing, mountain camping
    and trails in our own backyards, bird watching, hunting, fishing, wildlife,
    solitude, and sunsets. Dotted with churches like guards watching over our
    families, and traditions protecting our American way of life with safety,
    peace, and respect for all. That’s Farmington. My home of 57 years.”