Crime Help

Don’t Be A Victim

A little forethought and precaution could save you from being a victim.

Vehicle burglaries in Farmington are on the rise and are happening in different neighborhoods around the town.  Criminals are hitting multiple times a night.  The police department is patrolling affected areas more frequently, but their presence is just one element of controlling crime.  Many of these burglaries are completely preventable if car owners would simply lock their cars.  Removing cash and other valuables from visible areas such as the car seats and the dash or even in the glove box, can help protect you from having your property stolen.  It is always important to close and lock your garage as well.  

An Alert Neighborhood is a Great Deterrent to Crime

Delivery of packages to homes increases during the holidays.  Taking the following precautions may prevent you from being a victim.

  • Have packages delivered to a location where they can be received in person.
  • If your employer allows it, consider having  your package delivered to work.
  • When purchasing online, have your package delivered tot he local store for pickup.
  • Request specific drop-off times when you know that you will be home to receive the package.
  • Ask that the package be placed on back porch or even beside the front porch where it is not visible from the street.

An alert neighborhood is a great deterrent.  Signs of activity or people at hone often discourage would-be-thieves.  Communicate with your neighbors and stay alert to what’s going on in the neighborhood.

Report a crime:

If you have an emergency please call 911. If you would like to have an officer call you please call 801-451-5453.