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For Emergencies Call 911

Farmington City Fire Department
82 North 100 East
Farmington City, Utah  84025

Phone: (801) 451-2842

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Farmington City Fire Department

Our Mission:

"To mitigate the impact of hazardous situations on life, property, and the environment through effective response, prevention and preparedness programs, while maintaining a high level of employee safety and well-being"



Congratulations 2021 Service Award Recipients!



FIREFIGHTER OF THE YEAR: Firefighter / AEMT Nate Judson

Nobody likes wearing the mask, but I rarely hear Nate complain about this, or anything for that matter.  Nate is the poster child for respect given to his fellow employees and leadership.  I think I have yet to hear any complaint of any aspect of working with Nate!  The few times I have been able to work with Nate he has proven himself respectful of the patients, their families as well as the general public.




EMS PROVIDER OF THE YEAR: Captain /Paramedic Jay Barnum

Jay does well to lead his crew in making sure the station is normally very clean. He has done a ton of work in helping the Medic program come to fruition.  "That's not on the A-shift diet." is a  phrase I have heard plenty.  I know Jay strives to eat well and is an active gym rat.  He always has the customers best outcome in mind when treating and supervising those who are treating the customers. came up with the recently instituted report narrative template.  Jay understands what a great report consists of and it shows.

Utah COVID-19 Vaccine Information

To help keep Utahns informed about the vaccine, to educate them about its importance, and to keep the public up to date with the latest information about COVID-19 and Utah’s vaccination plan, the state of Utah COVID-19 Response Team is starting an email series.

Vaccinations are critical to ending the pandemic, but it will take several months to get enough vaccines to make them broadly available to all Utahns. The vaccine is the pathway to getting back to normal.

The go-to Utah source for COVID-19 vaccine information is this website: https://coronavirus.utah.gov/vaccine.
Helpful, current articles about vaccine effectiveness and safety can be found here: https://coronavirus.utah.gov/blog/#.

Utah Isolation & Quarantine Care Booklets

"What to do if you are in quarantine or isolation" (aka, the "care" booklets) have been updated in 7 new languages (Arabic, Mandarin, Nepali, Somali, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese). The pdfs can be downloaded at: https://coronavirus.utah.gov/multilingual-resources.

Davis County COVID-19 Educational Materials

Our educational materials for those who test positive or those who are exposed to COVID-19 have been updated with the new quarantine guidelines. Documents are found on our website at this link: https://www.daviscountyutah.gov/health/covid-19/protect-yourself.

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Farmington Fire Department


Snowmobile Information and Laws (Click Here)

Avalanche Forecast Center - 888-999-4019