The Streets Department maintains all City streets including storm drains, street signs, tree trimming/leaf pick up, snow removal and spring cleanup.

To report problems in the following areas, call (801)451-2624 or CLICK HERE to complete the Online Street Light Maintenance Form.

  • Signs down or missing
  • Street light problems
  • Road hazards
  • Pot holes
  • Plugged storm drains

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Tree Pruning/Leaf Pick Up Policy

It is the City’s policy and intent to provide some maintenance service including pruning of trees and leaf pick up when deemed appropriate and when budgetary considerations permit in parts of the Shade Tree Districts designated on State Street and Main Street. These services are being provided to abutting property owners because the designated Shade Tree Districts provide an accrued aesthetic benefit to the entire City or falls within the historical older part of the City where large street trees have been planted to create a certain ambiance beneficial to the entire neighborhood. In addition, these services are intended to protect public health and safety for use of rights of way and public storm sewer maintenance. The City reserves the right to add to or remove from this list at its sole discretion. When practical, advanced notice of the City’s pruning schedule may be given to each household advising the abutting property owners or occupants. Nothing in this policy shall prohibit the City, at its sole discretion from pruning or removing any tree planted in the public right of way.